Monday, December 14, 2009

pLEASE understand me honey :(

im to blind coz still loving you , i love veryx10000000 much until that love make me blind that u just make me like u collection . im to blind coz still hoping , even that hurt my heart so damn much then u . i love you until now , dont know until when , until i die . im stupid . why still u ? mrs Y ????? what the hell is that :(
apa nak jadi tok ! huh ..
kau x pernah pun pke apa aku rasa ,cmney keadaan aku , u just njoy you life :(
why ?? why ?? there no tyme for me ?? please , i know u read this , change u life keyh , i hope that the best for u . u already broke the promise and it hurt so bad , damnly bad , but is still want with u even u dah d pakey he . so stupid eskandar .
so sorry , Y , hny pke lah bgs2 , im so so sorry .
thanx for who reading my blog

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